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Natural Therapy for Dairy Allergy Diagnosis Common in Kids
Natural Therapy for Dairy Allergy Diagnosis Common in Kids
Project BabyBlogNatural Therapy for Dairy Allergy Diagnosis Common in Kids

Most of you know about Davis’s diagnosis of a dairy allergy earlier this year. It has been a journey to navigate and I am so thankful to be working with One A Day® with Nature’s Medley® for this sponsored post to help share ideas with others about navigating this new dairy free world!

The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.

To know Davis is to love him. That little boy is so full of life and energy and keeps all of us on our toes. He has the best sense of humor and is probably one of the most resilient kids I have ever had the opportunity to meet. We knew early on that he had an allergy to something but could never really pin point what it was.

He would often complain of his throat itching or hurting when every he would have any type of dairy. So, around this time of year last year he had a major reaction that called for a blood allergy test that confirmed his dairy, egg and wheat allergies. He also earned himself an EpiPen on that day that I am forever grateful to have.


Now, if you have ever tried to cook, bake or make anything without some form of dairy or eggs then you know that is a hard task. You also know that finding things when going out to eat that do not contain those things is a tall order. Luckily, Davis naturally gravitates towards protein, fruits, and vegetables. It is something he has done since he was very little. However, I worry that he is not getting all that he needs in his diet alone.

That’s why we use One A Day® with Nature’s Medley® which is the only complete gummy multivitamin with plant-based antioxidants from one total USDA serving size of fruit and vegetables. This momma can rest a little easier knowing that even if my son isn’t getting all the nutrients that he may need in a day this multivitamin can help fill in some of the gaps for him. He stays so active and is involved in as much as he can be at school and church. It isn’t an option for him to be bogged down or tired.

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